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The DiSC Diva® Personality Assessment is an essential starting point to identifying and understanding your personal behavioral tendencies. Not only will this help you navigate more effective communication and manage conflict resolution, but it will define both your strengths and weaknesses and promote character awareness.

The Personality Assessment Essentials Package will include:

  • 1 Key Code for completion of the online assessment
  • An in-depth 17 Page Customized Report 
  • 2 Page Customized Action Plan
  • The DiSC Diva® Customized Career Chart 
  • Value Packed Newsletter Enrollment
  • Exclusive Access to The DiSC Diva® Coaching Community FB Group


Things to know before you begin:
When taking the assessment, you will answer questions by choosing which options are "Most Like You" and which are "Least Like You." 


As you might infer, your personalized DISC profile results will be heavily based on how you answer the test questions. You should keep in mind the purpose of the assessment.


For example, if you are taking it for marriage counseling, keep in mind how you interact with your spouse. If you are taking it for a job interview, answer the MOST/LEAST questions with the mindset of how you interact in the workplace. Your personality type is different in different situations and environments. You may be calm and confident while in a business situation, outgoing and gregarious when with close personal friends, or reserved and quiet when meeting new people for the first time.


The Bottom Line: Accurate DISC profiling requires the frame of mind for the situation that you want your DISC personality type to reflect.


The DiSC Diva® Personality Assessment is recognized as "the universal language of behavior” and is a simple assessment tool yielding profound insight into human behavior by identifying the intensity of four personality traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.


The DiSC Diva® Personality Assessment is used by individuals, businesses, schools, and governments worldwide. Discovering your DISC personality style will enable you to gain self-awareness, enhance communication, strengthen relationships, implement predictive hiring processes, increase employee retention, build productive teams, and motivate yourself and others.

The DiSC Diva® Personality Assessment is a digital product- no refunds or returns.

Personality Assessment Essentials Package

$55.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • The DiSC Diva® Personality Assessment is an online test. You will recieve your custom link and Key Code via email to complete your assessment.

    The BONUS Career Chart is a Digital Download PDF. This link will also be included in your Assesment Key Code email.

    The Value Packed Newsletter is an optional email subscription. You will be automatically enrolled upon purchase, unless you note you'd like to opt out. You have access to unsubscribe at any time. 

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