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Kiss & Tell VIP Program

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Hello, gorgeous!

It’s time to Kiss & Tell. We’re so excited to have you explore and experience the long-lasting power of our color cosmetics and anti-aging skin care lineup. Here’s how to work it.

Shop It! Easy online check out and direct shipping!

Add to cart whenever, wherever! Our complete collection of cosmetics, skin care, and skin solutions is just a few clicks away. Plus, you get a 10% discount each time you shop!

Earn It! Earn credit to spend on purchases as you rack up points!

Once you’re ready to check out, consider becoming a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer. These extra-special shoppers have the chance to earn Kiss Kredits to save on future product purchases, and have access to EXCLUSIVE monthly promo's!

(Tip: If you want to grab a membership but don't need anything else right now just click here so you can create your K&T profile for just $10)

Share It! Earn kickbacks from sharing your referral link with friends!

As a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer, you can refer friends and fellow makeup lovers to earn even more Kiss Kredits!

Sign up today for just $10 USD a year!


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